Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snowy Day Crafts

Its snowing again in the North East!  We wanted to find some different craft ideas for the kids to do inside the house and then outside the house!!  Here is what we found:

corn syrup paintings by Eighteen25
what you need:

*  glossy art paper
*  corn syrup
*  food coloring
*  crayons
*  paint brushes

step one: pour some corn syrup into a bowl and add about 10 drops of food coloring. stir well.
step two: with your crayons, draw a picture on the paper.
step three: paint your picture.
step four: let it dry. (it takes awhile)
Cardboard Snowflakes by Creative Jewish Mom
You'll Need:
  • cereal box cardboard
  • yarn
  • kid's washable glue (I love Elmers blue gel, it's so easy to use, no clogging of the point!)
How To:
step one: Make some snowflakes from squares of paper. Pick the ones you like best, and trace those onto cardboard. (click HERE to visit our earlier post about snowflakes to find lots of snowflake patterns)
step two: Cut out the shapes, together with the small details using tiny manicure scissors, or a craft knife. It's nice to cut out the details, but if it's too difficult so it's not mandatory! Just note the differences between my example on the upper right of the photo, with no cut out interior details, and the other two.
step three: Squeeze glue directly from the bottle onto the cardboard snowflake, in the pattern you'd like to place your yarn. Namely outline the whole shape, or outline the cut-outs etc.
step four: Carefully lay the yarn down into the glue and add additional glue and details as desired.
Hang and enjoy!

Hearts of Stone in Ice by Resurrection Fern

You'll Need:
  • Metal Serving Trays
  • Rocks, nuts, seeds, flowers, leaves or anything you want

How To:
step one: Arrange rocks in the shape of a heart
step two: Cover with Water and freeze outside or in the freezer :)
*** Resurrection Fern even created an icicle creature - What will our little ones with the wild imaginations come up with.....

Coffee Filter Snowflakes by Creative Jewish Mom 

You'll Need:
  • Cover Filters
  • Paint or stamps 
  • Scissors

How To:
step one: You can decorate your snowflake before or after you actually make it.
step two:Use one of our snowflake patterns from an earlier post HERE or cut out your own and there you go!

Winter Garden Art by Shtub 

You'll Need:
  • Metal disposable baking tins
  • Water
  • Paint or Food Coloring (paint is brighter)
  • Cold weather or a freezer

How To:
step one: Mix water with desired amount of color and leave over night. 
step one: Peal away when frozen.

Hot Chocolate Spoons by AlphaMom  

And since its snowing and the kids will be outside playing don't forget to give them hot chocolate when they come back inside :)  Here is a special twist on Hot Chocolate from AlphaMom:

Supplies for Hot Chocolate Spoons:
- spoons, plastic work best
- chocolate chips, regular and mini chips
- marshmallows
- coconut, shredded and sweetened
- peanut butter chips
- butterscotch chips
- crushed candy canes
- wax paper
- plate

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