Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let it Snow Party!

Today we had a really awesome celebration of snow and winter. We love winter and all of our winter activities. So we decided to celebrate the season. We choose to give the kids a “Let it Snow” Party!!!

For lunch we served them Snowman shaped Grilled Cheese Sandwiches’.  We had to become resourceful for the decorating part and it all turned out!  We did forget to add a hat of some sort but that’s OK, lol.  Using a sliver of a carrot for their noses, pretzel sticks for the arms, slice of stick gum for scarf and we had black decoration icing so we used that for the face and buttons.  
Trying to stick to a “white” themed snow party, we also served them White Potato Soup.  The drink was punch called “white punch” using Lemon-Lime Soda, Water, frozen Limeade and crushed ice. 

We came across a really cute dessert and tweaked it to our own design. We baked large Peanut Butter Cookies (you could have used Sugar Cookies) and made them larger than normal, smushed them on the pan and baked.  Then you slightly melt a marshmallow for the head and squished them on top corner of cookie.  Instead of Royal Icing we used Cool Whip and poured it all over the cookie.  We had left over Gingerbread House Making supplies so we made the face and button from pieces of gum drops, mini chocolate chips and black tube icing.  Walla! We had ourselves the cutest melting snowman cookies that were really yummy for the kids. 

Throughout the winter we have been doing misc. crafts which led to our decorations.  The kids made Coffee Filter Snowflakes, which we displayed all over the windows.  The kids also made their very own Window Clings – easy craft!  Using Fabric Puffy Paint you can hand draw or stencil a snowflake or snowman on wax paper.  Leave this try over night and by the next day they are able to be removed and placed in your windows.  Not sure if the kids or the adults loved them more, lol!  The kids created some awesome snowman pencils by using a 1” round Styrofoam ball and pushing it onto a pencil, painted the ball with glue and then rolled it in a bowl filled with fake snowflakes.  They then glued on googly eyes, a piece of pipe cleaner for the nose and painted on a smile. They used tissue paper for scarves.  They were the cutest pencils toppers we ever saw, lol!  Matthew, creative as always; created a beautiful snowflake ring using pipe cleaners and clear beads for the girls to wear.

We love to do as many activities in the winter as we can.  When we are fortunate to have snow, which has been lately; the kids enjoy making snowmen, sledding, and ice skating.  Matthew especially loves to make forts in the snow.  Lauren’s favorite is making Snow Angels in the snow.  We even like to beach comb in the winter and are planning a trip to do that soon. 

All in all, we had a fabulous day and really enjoyed our meal and the fun!

Make your own Snow at home

Things you’ll need:

  • Bowl
  • Baking soda
  • Tablespoon
  • Shot glass
  • Water


  1. Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl.
  2. 2Add a shot glass full of water and watch the baking soda expand to create fake snow.
  3. 3Separate and fluff up the fake snow with your fingers.

We just found this link were you can actually buy Fake Snow!  All you do is add water and you’ve instantly got what looks and feels like real snow.  You can put it on your trees or wreaths outside and you can even make a snowman with it.  So if you live in an area that doesn’t snow, this is the product for you to share with the kids!   It looks really fun and easy to do and the kids would love it!  We are going to try this next year….it may fit in to a science project as well.   Here are a few links on how to make your own snow. 

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