Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visiting the Comcast Center

Yesterday, we took the kids on a wonderful day trip into Philadelphia to visit the Comcast Center building.  Taking the train into the city was a fabulous new experience for Matthew.  He had a wonderful time and totally loved taking the train into the city. We are fortunate to have a friend who works in the Comcast Center.  Our friend planned a visit for us to go to the 51st floor of the skyscraper and check out the view.  Oh, my goodness was this was a spectacular site.  The view is phenomenal and just breathtaking.  The kids and I really enjoyed ourselves.  Kristen is a little afraid of heights and was getting a little dizzy but she loved the experience as well.

Before our day trip to the building we researched facts about the building.  Here are some of the things we learned: 

                  - The building itself is 975 feet tall and the highest in Philadelphia
                  - They used many eco-friendly technologies in its planning and creation making it the tallest "green" building in the country
                  - They have the coolest 2,000 square foot LED screen projecting computer generated images on the wall behind the security counter in the lobby and is the largest 4 mm LED screen in the world and everyone can enjoy it because the main lobby is open to the public. 
View from within

We all enjoyed the LED screen!  It displayed images that were so realistic.  During the Holiday’s they have a 15 minute Light Show every hour.  The kids loved this whole experience!


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