Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Wrap Up – Summer Sun Party with kids

We had a summer sun party this year. This was a lot of fun. It has really been a hot summer so why not celebrate it.

What better fun food then to have some grilled cheese sandwiches and Lemonade? We also couldn’t resist making these spectacular sunshine cupcakes!
These awesome suns were created by flattening some jelly candies and then cutting them into triangles. We painted faces and sunglasses in black over the yellow. Of course after enjoying our lunch and cupcakes one person at our lunch party found the black icing tube and created a few summer sun monsters with the undecorated cupcakes for the kids to enjoy.

The lesson: As we always do, we inundate our parties with educational information. For this party the kids learned about the suns positioning in the sky and how the earth’s rotation around the sun creates the seasons and where the sun is in the sky during each season.

Activity: For the activity we chose to do for this celebration we took the kids to a beach near my parent’s house. We brought along lots of colorful glass and plaster of Paris. We then had the kids create designs in the sand and then decorate them. They came up with a fish, a jellyfish, a turtle and a sun. These were decorated with some things the kids found along the beach and the colorful glass we brought along. We used the water at the beach and mixed the plaster in a bucket then poured is over the beach creations. This took about ½ hour to harden and then we had really fun summer sun sculptures. This whole project was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed doing this.

We asked the kids what their favorite part of this summer was....

Matthew said "My favorite part of summer was going to Virginia. I love summer so much"

Laurens said "I liked swimming in the ocean"

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