Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National S'mores Day with Kids!

The Event:
Today is National S'mores Day and the kids love these delicious treats!  We are in the middle of yet another heat wave making us look for new ways of making smores.  We posted a few unique smore recipes down below.  We are going to have our traditional smore making around the camp fire this Friday night!

The History:
The name of the treat comes from the two words "some more," clearly combined because people often wanted to have at least a second serving after having one s'more. The treat was developed by campers in the early part of the 20th century, making use of the fairly new mass-produced marshmallows. Marshmallows were easy to transport, as were candy bars and graham crackers, and the marshmallows could be warmed easily over a fire to make a delicious dessert in a situation where other types of sweets would have been difficult to come by.

The true origin of the snack is unknown, as camping recipes tended to be passed from person to person and family to family - often over the campfire itself. The first recipe for s'mores was published in 1927 in the Girl Scout Handbook and the event marked the official introduction of the s'more into popular culture.

The publication of the s'more recipe was not the first pairing of chocolate, marshmallow and cookies. In 1913, the Mallomar cookie was introduced to market. The Mallomar has a graham cracker-like and is topped with marshmallow and a layer of chocolate.
S'more Recipes:
Yummie...S'mores Stuffed Brownies by Picky Palate - click HERE for the recipe and also lots of other incredible recipes!
Oven Baked S'more Dessert by Joy of Baking - click HERE for the recipe and click HERE for a Homemade Marshmallow Recipe!
S'more Cupcakes - click HERE for recipe

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