Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

The summer is over and a new season is beginning.  Children are headed back to school and a new year of learning is ahead of them.  We believe this should be a happy and exciting time for all kids.  The year ahead is going to be filled with new adventures that we will be reading, doing and discovering.  We will all be learning about things we did not know before, about acquiring new knowledge and applying all of this to our daily lives. 
This year, we are celebrating this occasion with a fun and fabulous party geared especially toward heading back to school.  This was really fun for us and the children.  We started off this year creating an excitement for learning new things and celebrating the things we have already learned.  We applauded the children on their accomplishments so far and reminded them of how much they have gained and accomplished and how wonderful they are.  It’s important that children believe that if they work hard enough they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.  It is really important for children to be excited about learning.  Learning can unlock so many doors to our future giving us the power to act and the knowledge to grow and live on. 
School should be thought of as an adventure that will be fun and exciting and that new challenges should be welcome.  School is a great gift we can give each child and should be thought of as such.  We create a peaceful, learning environment for the children to comfortably learn in and challenge themselves. 
So, with that being said, we had a back to school party at the children’s lunch time. We created a fun and exciting environment using food and decoration.  This gave us a great opportunity to talk to the children about the year ahead and the past year.  We reviewed with the children all we have done since the start of the last school year and what they loved the best and least.  We have created our own bucket lists for the New Year and then compiled those into a master list to refer to throughout the year. (see our "Back to School Party" Post for details and pictures)

INSPIRATION TIME:  (we have compiled a list of our favorites that we have found while researching on the internet, hope you like them....)

Thought this banana dog was adorable from Family Fun, click HERE for more info.

Wow – We think we are completely hooked from this point further on these adorable Cake Pops!!! From Cake Pops Galore - Click HERE to visit her blog and to get the know how! 

Found this website that has a lot of ideas and articles on Back to School Lunches,  http://www.kitchendaily.com/back-to-school

Martha Stewarts Magnetic Lunch Label Chart (Click HERE to get the "how to and HERE to download and print the stickers.

Downloadable FREEBIES (That we found)

This is a Treat Bag that you print and fold yourself - A Nice Welcome Back for the Teacher - Add Cookies, Candy or whatever. Print this landscape on 8 1/2 x 11 Good Card Stock - Enjoy!! You can download it -HERE- or Direct 4-shared link  HERE

Cute Lunch bag sticker labels – HERE and the Round stickers HERE

 Some other cute stickers from Family Fun - HERE is the pdf

Adorable “this book belongs to me” stickers from Orangeyoulocky blog HERE  
Free Gingham Lunch Notes Cards from Executivehomemaker.com, Click HERE for link

This cute list may still come in handy but being the time of the year you probably already have the supplies bought already – there is always next school year - Click HERE to go Executive Homemaker

Check out these adorable snack pack labels you can print and attach to your sandwich bags.  These can be used anytime of the year -click HERE to download from Executive Homemaker 

These are cute...Simply Print and Cut-out these pencil toppers from Family Fun.  These have inspired us to make our own.  The kids will draw or trace the pattern and then just place what they think is cool as their own picture, click HERE and HERE 

FREE Windows School Style FONTS
 (we just love these)

Pencil shaped font HERE

Love this Penman Font that you can download HERE

A few different styles of chalk font HERE

CRAFTS that you can make:

Kids Study Box - Click HERE to for details at Martha Stewart
We are actually going to make these and have Lauren and Matthew decorate them with what they like.  We picked up the cardboard presentation's at our local dollar / party store for $2.00 each. 
Pencil Roll up Kit - Click HERE to for details at Martha Stewart  
Felt Pencil Case - Click HERE to for details at Martha Stewart  
Chalkboard Erasable Labels - Click HERE to for details at Martha Stewart  

Please check back for more ideas.....We are giong to be doing some of these in the next several weeks.  We will be adding to this post!

Wendy says she loves this website and uses it throughout every school year.  Its called Goal For it!  and you can visit it here =  http://www.goalforit.com/ .  You can create Chore Charts for the kids, a quick To-Do List, and even a Goals and Habits Chart.

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