Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Wrap Up – Garden Party with Kids

Our Garden turned out to be such a fabulous spring and summer activity. . We loved to see how fast everything grows and boy was it a fun day when we realized we actually had our own vegetables. We decided to create our very own “Garden Party Lunch with Kids”.

Using a rolling pin and clay we traced and cut out vegetables and then placed a metal stake into them. When the clay hardened we painted them sprayed them with protective spray and placed them into our garden to serve as our “garden markers”. The kids had fun with this project.

We served fresh salad using our very own organic vegetables. Although we were on the right track for a healthy lunch we kind of ruined that because we just had to make these adorable garden cupcakes!

We even decorated the tablescape with vegetables. We strung small garden shovels, garden rakes and carrots from our chandelier. The kids thought it was fun so we went with it!

We created our uniquely designed stepping stones, using cement, pea pebbles and glass stones from the dollar store and plastic plant saucers. When they dried we placed them in and around our garden for a creative path.

The lessons we learned this year from having our garden have been phenomenal and made a huge impact on the kids. We reviewed the food pyramid with kids, explaining the proper intake of food and appropriate eating habits. During the season, the kids measured the growth and charted the progress of our garden. The kids are looking forward to the garden next year, and they will definately be more involved in the planning and creativity!

Oh and our Sunflowers were gigantic and gorgeous, and the vegetables were the best we have ever had!

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