Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!


We are so excited about 2012!  The New Year brings a time of refreshing our lists and organizing our lives.  It also brings with it the feeling of renewal, a time to review our past year and plan for our upcoming year.
We love sitting down with the kids and reviewing how much fun we have had over the past 12 months and planning for the upcoming 12 months.   

With the kids getting older, we really want to step up their exposure to different cultures.  We have always dabbled in getting the kids exposed to all different things and this year we are going to be more focused on it.

With all that being said, we are looking forward to our new year and our new goals.  We are still going to have our bucket list that we add to as the year goes on.  We are also incorporating a new version of the list.  We are going to have our “bucket list for rainy days”.  This will basically be a bunch of reasonable things written on paper that we will keep in a jar on our mantle.  When we are exceptionally bored and feel we have nothing to do, we will grab one of the pieces of paper and do what is on our list.  This will be anything from a treasure hunt list where we have to walk around the neighborhood to collect items or accomplish a craft we have been wanted to do.  One of our new goals for the year is to keep moving.  That is another of our new mantras, Keep Moving!  Hopefully by doing this it will add more enrichment to our lives.  

Here is an idea from http://eighteen25.blogspot.com that may help inspire you with your list:

(and i've left some room for a few more additions)

instead of making resolutions,
i'm making a list of all the things our family wants to do this year.
this list will go up where we can always see it,
so we can make sure to get a lot of items crossed off before 2013 decides to roll around. 

you can download this year's to-do list below. make sure to print off both 12x18 sheets (the top + bottom). you can find the instructions for putting it all together on this post. 

download yellow bottom + top... download pink bottom + top... download green bottom + top... download aqua bottom + top

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