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Groundhog Day and free Printable's

Groundhogs Day, that day where we are in the middle of winter and still enjoying the season but begin to think about the upcoming spring.  It is a holiday that we celebrate every year because besides being just plain cute and fun we love the concept of looking forward.  The origins of this holiday centers around the first sighting of the groundhog in the winter and the planning of planting crops for the upcoming year.   This is a great time to sit down and plan for the spring and upcoming year.  

Groundhog Day is February 2nd. It is said that if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of bad weather, and if he doesn't, that spring will be here soon. 

Make sure you visit the official groundhog website to find more information just like below.  They have information and ideas for Elementary, Middle and High School students.  The cloud chart is perfect!  You can visit their site HERE


Groundhog Day is all about fun! Every year we hear teachers and other people from around the globe who ask for suggestions on how to properly celebrate this unique holiday. We hope you'll find the resources on the left to be helpful!
Have you come up with a unique activity for Groundhog Day in your classroom? Send us your ideas to: The Groundhog Club, 102 West Mahoning Street, Punxsutawney, PA 15767, and you may see it on our Web site.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Groundhog Day comes only once a year and its arrival is eagerly awaited by thousands of Phil's faithful followers. Nowhere in the world is Phil's prediction more anxiously awaited than in Punxsutawney, PA, the HOME OF THE GROUNDHOG!
Legend decrees that if Phil sees his shadow on February 2nd, six more weeks of winter weather will befall the world. If no shadow is apparent we're in for the delights of an early spring.


To start, you need to whip up the little 
candy groundhog inspired by 
the idea found HERE at Family Fun.

I used a mini snickers for the body.
Mini M&M's for the ears and nose
Softened pink starburst for his pink nose.
White fondant for eyes and teeth
Black Americolor Marker for eyes

Then bake up some yummy chocolate
mini cupcakes ~ that is the best part!!

I went all out and used a fancy recipe 
called Le' Pillsbury Box

Next, whip up a batch of buttercream. 
I use a recipe I learned from My Cake School.
Mmmmmmmmm, delish.

Next..assemble your groundhog pop!
Push the mini cupcakes in the bottom.
Layer with Mr Punxsutawney
Add another mini cupcake on top.
Pipe some white "snow" buttercream on top his head.

Or, if you prefer your groundhog out of his hole
place him on top of the buttercream as shown below!

Here you can find Mr. Punxsutawney Phil 
pondering his debut...

Will he see his shadow?


If you don't have cupcake push pops, no biggie!
These would be cute made in mason jars or just
regular cupcakes with the groundhog used as a topper!

I think the hilarious thing is to push
up the groundhog out of his hole! 
I am easily amused. 

DIY: Groundhog Day Cupcakes (provided by http://lilyjanestationery.typepad.com)

Cupcake toppers are made into a PDF for you to download and assemble.  Just print the groundhogs, cut them out and sandwich them together with a little glue and a toothpick in the middle.  And remember to save one of your groundhog paper trimmings.  You're going to need it if he sees his shadow this February 2nd...
If it happens to be cloudy on February 2nd and Phil doesn't see his shadow, you can always just slide the groundhog into a plain frosted cupcake.  They'll be just as adorable.  And such a great excuse to eat cupcakes.
What do you do to celebrate Groundhog Day?  Any predictions as to whether or not spring will come early this year?

Read the poem to the children and have them read it back to you. Discuss what happens if the groundhog sees his shadow and what happens if he does not.
Click on the following pdf link to download and print your copy ofHere’s a Little Groundhog to duplicate and delight your students!
Click here to download groundhog.pdf

Song to the Tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”
I’m a little groundhog
Hear me squeak,
I poke my head out
and take a peek.
Did I see my shadow,
Do you know?
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lol - we know we misspelled Groundhog, lol 

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