Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Halloween Fun and Facts with Kids Party!

This year for our annual Fun and Facts with Kids Halloween craft day, we all decided on a spooky cemetery theme.   We asked Matthew to help create a giant Haunted House.  Using his imagination and a lot of duct tape, he fit together 6 pieces of black poster board.  With white chalk, he drew a picture of a haunted house.  After this, he took a box cutter (while supervised!)  and cut it out.  We then taped yellow construction paper behind the doors and window to create the effect of lights in the haunted house.  We then took a piece of fencing and put that in front of our haunted house and decorated that with assorted grave stones and fake skeleton bones.  To add a 3D effect to the whole thing we added one cob web draped around the whole house.   We turned on our fog machine to give our whole room a spooky feel which really added a lot of ambiance to our lunch.

For our table setting we used a black table cloth and draped gray cheese cloth over it.  For the place setting we used plastic silver platters with black plates and dark brown glass bowls.   We then spread out a few items that fit in with our graveyard theme.  We made brown paper coffin treat boxes filled with Halloween Candy (of course!) and a plastic skeleton.  Wrote R.I.P. on them and then wrapped black string around them – these were adorable! 

 Keeping with our graveyard theme we decided to serve beef stew.  We added mash potatoes to the center of each bowl of stew in the shape of a ghost and added two peas for ghost’s eyes.  We also created mummy rolls.  With a bone shaped cookie tray we created 5 bone cookies, one for each of us.  We created a black/dark brown punch by combining ginger ale, purple and orange cool aids together.   At our local craft store we found Graveyard Cupcake Wrappers which were perfect for our theme!   We placed them around our homemade pumpkin spiced muffins – and there you have it! Spooky fun lunch in a grave yard!

The whole party was Spooktacular!

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