Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Mulled Apple Cider Day with kids!

We are having a very damp and rainy day here in the northeast and what a perfect day for Mulled Cider Day to fall on.  This is such a comfort drink that makes everyone feel good as it helps to counter a damp day like today.  This is so easy for the kids to make.  One of the activities that we love to do on rainy days like today is to take a walk in the rain which we will be doing today.  Coming home to such a comforting smell that will permeate the air from the warm cider and excitement that the kids feel to drink some during the Fall months is wonderful. 

There are so many version of this drink for children or adults only.  Fun and Facts is adding something new!  We are now personally our recipes and saving them in Printable recipe formats for you to share and download!  Click HERE for a Free 4x6 copy of our favor Hot Mulled Apple Cider Recipe of our favorite version.  You can download this and print out or save online in your own recipe box.

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