Friday, September 03, 2010

Back to School Party

o Black Table Cloth
o Rectangle Wood painted in Green Chalkboard paint for Placemats
o Black Paper Plates
o Fabric Apples
o Large Pencils with the kids names written on them, Mini Composition Books and misc school items
o Black Fabric to cover the mirror and wall and then we wrote "Welcome Back to School" in white chalk

o Apple juice boxes
o Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in brown sandwich bags with sticker labels
o Ants on a log
o Sliced Apples

These activities are creative and fun and geared towards enjoying school.

Wooden Chalk Board Placemats - The first activity is great fun. We have taken a plain piece of wood bought at our local hardware store. We then sanded the sides so that the kids would not get splinters. With green chalkboard paint we had the children paint their own chalkboard. After this dried we supplied the kids with decorations and glue and let them create their own special boarder for their very own chalkboard. These chalkboards will be displayed in the school room and the children can write notes and the current date on them every day.

Bucket List - The second activity for the day was to gear the children into thinking about the year in the long term. We all compiled a list, similar to a “bucket list” but for the year. We will be using this list to reward the children as the year progresses. We neatly wrote out the final list on a large piece of paper and this will be displayed in the schoolroom so that we can track and mark off what we do and add to it if we come up with more.

We have a bunch of "School" related songs to listen to, including School House Rock songs

The kids REALLY enjoyed their Back to School Party and stated that they wish every school day was like this, lol.

Wendy wrote notes to the kids and placed each one in their own brown bag lunch.

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