Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poetry Reading Day with Kids!

The kids are going to choose their favorite short story or poem today and read it out loud. I will choose a really creative new invigorating poem to read to the children today and we will be acting out certain parts of the poem after I am finished reading. I believe it is always good for the children to act out characters and parts of poetry and stories. They really get into their parts. They will work on remembering certain lines and actually creating the character to who they think the character should be.

I am going to explain again to the kids the art of creating a haiku. We will then be coming up with a few of our own. A haiku is a poem that does not rhyme. You have to actually paint a mental picture using words. I like this lesson for kids and I am planning on having the kids draw or paint what their haiku is about.

A haiku is actually very easy to write. They are a 3 line poem. The first line is 5 syllables, the second line is 7 syllables the third line contains 5 syllables. With these 17 syllables the author of a haiku paints a mental picture.

Who or what am I? This is always fun to do with a haiku, you use the haiku outline and lots of facts without writing who or what you are describing and then everyone has to guess. This is going to be a fun and educational part of this day

To learn more about Haiku click HERE

Poetry for Kids has a couple of free e-books. You can check this great site out HERE

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