Thursday, April 08, 2010

Draw a picture of a bird day and FREEBIE!

Ok, can you guess what we will be doing today?? Yup, we will be drawing pictures of birds today. We are actually going to be using all kinds of craft supplies to create masterpiece birds and then I will have the children make up their own kind of bird and name it. This is going to be fun. I love when the kids really get into their imaginations and come up with a made up image.
 The more supplies I put out the greater the creation is on a project like this. I will supply them with glue, glitter, feathers, colored pencils, colored pom-poms, construction paper, and scissors as well as anything else I come across that I think they may be able to use.

We will then make a frame for our birds out of construction paper and hang these up for all to see.

Kristen found these adorable "Bird Brushes" that are free to use in your Photoshop program.  You can download them from Pixels & Ice Cream blog HERE
You can find great realistic coloring pages of birds HERE and they are free to print.

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