Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Flowers Craft

Here is a great craft for any time of the year. We decided to use this for Easter and made Easter Flower Hostess gifts to give to our family members who hosted the various Easter Brunch and dinners we attended.

We had the fabulous idea for how to recycle plastic plant containers. With the beautiful
 weather we have been having here on the east coast we have been able to spend a lot of time outdoors. We took the kids to the park and we all collected bark from the dead trees laying on the ground. The green of the moss inspired us to pick up a few pieces of that figuring we would use it with the craft in some way. Kids always have fun at the park and when we give them something we are going to try to find it makes it even more enjoyable for them.

When we returned home we set out the bark in the sun to dry a little. Taking our recycled pots we put a hole in both sides and strung a small piece of wire through it. Using the wire we secured a grape vine handle to the pots. Using our hot glue guns we glued the bark onto the side of our recycled plastic flower pots. On some of the baskets we placed some moss on the sides by pushing it into the cracks of the bark. We bought some Easter flowers, added a little bunny or chick to the basket making for a really fabulous, recycled, and fun to make gift for the hostesses of the Easter brunch’s and dinners we attended.

They turned out really beautiful and everyone who received one loved it.

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