Friday, April 29, 2011

Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month!
For the past two years Matthew has been taking a community service and leadership class.  This class is a wonderful educational class for Matthew and is true to his heart.  He has so much fun helping others.  Several times this year, he has volunteered his time to help feed homeless.  He has also created a book that was sent to children in Afghanistan who are learning English.  He is currently involved in the March of Dimes.  He constructed created his own email to send to family and friends to ask if they would donate and he has been outside of stores with his class asking if anyone would like to contribute to this great cause.  He will be walking in May this year in order to help the March of Dimes.  Fun and Facts with Kids as a group, volunteered ourselves to help plant over 1000 trees in our neighborhood this weekend.

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