Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Pretzel Day with kids!

Our Pretzel Day banner we made last year!
Today is National Pretzel Day!
Last year we held a Pretzel Making Fun Day and the kids LOVED it so much that its now an annual request!  We have been busy with so many other educational fun days that we will not be celebrating this day today. The kids will have fun with pretzel making in days to come.  We will be visiting a local pretzel making factory so the kids can see and learn how pretzels are made.

You can check out last year's Pretzel Day post by clicking HERE and HERE.  Try to get out there today and get your free pretzel at your own local pretzel store!  You can download or print out our favorite recipe HERE or click on link below image below.  Also at the bottom of this post, we provided Pretzel Company that are giving away FREE pretzels today!
Pretzel Recipe

We made the directional placemats!

Here is a list of Pretzel companies giving away FREE pretzels today:

If you live on the East Coast you can try to find a local Philly Pretzel store to recieve a FREE Pretzel today!  Click HERE for their website

Pretzel Maker is giving away free pretzels - Click HERE to find a store near you.

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