Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hanukkah and Menorah Crafts

Here is a list of Hanukkah and Menorah Crafts ....

 Forty Two Roads hanukah
Hanukah advent calendar
Forty Two Roads

Dollar Store Crafts electric tealight menorah
electric tea light menorah
Dollar Store Crafts
Creative Jewish Mom glittery kid's menorah
glittery menorah
Creative Jewish Mom

The Magnifying Glass sand menorah
sand menorah
The Magnifying Glass

Activity Village handprint menorah
handprint menorah
Activity Village
Creative Jewish Mom dreidel mobile nesting dreidel mobile
Creative Jewish Mom

Junior Society button menorah
button menorah
Junior Society

 Creative Jewish Mom popsicle stick menorah dreidel
popsicle stick dreidel and menorah
Creative Jewish Mom

Creative Jewish Mom hanukah gelt
Hanukah gelt bags from tulle
Creative Jewish Mom
Vimoshanukkahpapelpicado Vimoshanukkahpapelpicadoblue

Creative Jewish Mom
baker's clay Hanukkah ornaments

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