Wednesday, October 06, 2010

31 Days of Halloween with kids! Pumpkins! - Day 6


Want to share the anatomy of a pumpkin with your kids?  Found this perfect description of pumpkin anatomy HERE from Pumpkin Nook. 
Here are pictures that give you different ideas on what to do with Pumpkins and Gourds.  We try and come up with different ways to display our pumpkins every year.  
 Pumpkin Candy Dish
 Funny People Pumpkins
 Pumpkin Punch Bowl
 Talking Pumpkin using a baby monitor
 Pumpkin Owl
 Pumpkin Candy Dish
 Family of Pumpkin Owls
 Beverage Holder
 Pumpkin and Gourd Family
 Floral Basket
 Too cute...we are doing this one.  We have dollar store plastic mice that we are using.
 This we did last year, loved it!!!
Floral Vases
 Owls made from Seeds and Nuts

 Baby Birds
 Using Felt, Card stock ribbon etc
 Cut Mums and stick in pumpkin...love these for Thanksgiving!
 Fruity Pumpkin
 Glitter & Sequin Pumpkin
 Jack O' Lantern
 Floral arrangement using kale and flowers in birdbath
 Lacy Pumpkins!
 How cute is this one...Car Pumpkins

 Use battery operated led lights to make these pathway pumpkins
 Pumpkin Tree using willow branches.
 Spider Pumpkin - using construction paper and wire

all these pictures and ideas are from Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens.   We will probably add more ideas from other sites so you may want to check again!

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