Monday, February 13, 2012

More Valentine ideas...

These were just too cute not to mention!

Dandee valentine card printable love bugsra
Happy Valentine's Day love bug! 
Friendship Bracelets
Step by Step instructions HERE at Purlbee

Conversation hearts are everywhere! Even in pie form and on a stick. Find conversation heart pie pops HERE at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

Valentine Twig Arrows

Homework valentine crafts twig arrows
I love these cupid arrows made from twigs
at Homework! You can attach a little note to
use them as Valentine cards.

Homemade Beaded Bracelets

Create Celebrate Explore beaded braceletsbeaded bracelets from polymer clay and the instructions
at Multiples and More!

Clay Heart Candy Dish

clay candy dish
was made at Ordinary Life Magic (Too).

Felt Flower Valentine Corsage

Lilly Cakes flet valentine wrist corsage
How cute is this?! Lilly Cakes shows you how to
make this adorable felt flower valentine corsage.
Freshly Picked Whimsy printable valentine cards
cute printable Valentine cards 
Freshly Picked Whimsy 
felted love birdsCheck out this tutorial for sweet love birds made of felt and fashioned into a cute pendant at buzzmills.

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