Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Indoor Camping Party

Indoor Camping Party
We originally wanted to have our Camping Party outside but we couldn’t escape neither the HEAT WAVES nor the RAIN!    We pretty much did everything we wanted to do in the dining room except light a real fire and roast marshmallows for S'mores!

The kids helped us decorate the dining room as if we were outside.   We placed a blanket on the table as our tablecloth.  For the centerpiece, we used the driftwood sticks and made a teepee shape to act as a cauldron hanger. 

Using two grey plastic tablecloths we mimicked a tent on the wall and hung our campsite name that we made using a poster board.  We found a stick pc font that we liked and printed out the letters.  We also printed a few fish bones, fish and hung them around. 

We wanted to try and make believe we had caught fireflies in a mason jar so we added sticks and battery operated tea light candles to them.   

The food:
Kristen created these adorable take home S’more & Trail Mix Treat Bags using nothing more than sandwich bags, printer and scrapbook paper.

The day before the party, Matthew made us all a layered Jell-O Snack!  They were almost too pretty to eat!

We searched online for an indoor S’more recipe.  We found this one and made them for the kids.  

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