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Father's Day Craft ideas and FREE Printables

Looking for some ideas on how to celebrate this Father's Day? 
We put together this wonder collection of FREE FATHERS DAY PRINTABLES and DIY Craft ideas that we found around the internet!  You can also visit last years blog post which has many other adorable ideas too, click HERE and HERE.

Here is a sneak of what is below in the rest of this post:

Father's Day Craft ideas -

"DAD" Frame Template

Celebrate Dad on his special day with customized cards, coupon books, and frames made using our Father's Day clip art and templates.
How can kids spell out how much they love Dad on Father's Day? By making him a paper picture frame using the letters D-A-D.
Photocopy and cut out the frame template. Lay the template over lightweight card stock; trace with a pencil and cut out. Mom can cut out the middle parts of each letter. Trim photos to fit the openings, making them slightly larger than the holes; tape them behind the frame. To make the frame stand up, bend open two paper clips and tape the small sides to the backs of the letters at the very bottom.
Print the "DAD" Frame Template

This is too cute and its an "oldie from Martha" lol
This Father's Day, give Dad a coupon booklet filled with unbelievable deals: 100 percent off a lawn mowing, car washing, delicious breakfast, and more.  Just download and print the designs, make a cover, and fasten, staple, or sew a booklet together.

Download the coupons and get the How-To HERE

father's day bow tie wrapBOW TIE WRAP
Wrap little gifts + treats with bow ties or neck ties! Simply wrap bow ties around simple, wrapped boxes. Choose a simple wrapping paper and matching bow tie. Consider visiting vintage stores to find old bow ties in unique prints. Or pull out scrap paper and markers to make your own bow ties (great for the kids)!
We love this easy DIY wrapping!

neck tie wreathNECK TIE WREATH
“Turn Dad’s old ties into door decor. You’ll need a 14-inch wire wreath form from a crafts shop and 19 ties. Cut all ties but one into 15-inch lengths. Position the narrow end of first cut tie, front side up, on a section of the wreath. Wrap tie around form until pointed end is positioned as shown, hiding the rolled tie; secure with pins. Repeat, overlapping ties slightly. Flip wreath over; sew rolled-up ties to the backs of points. Pin on the uncut, bowed tie.” – Good Housekeeping.com

Notepad Cube - Personalize a Notepad Cube with markers!

Soda Bottle Tags - These adorable Soda Bottle Tags can be printed out HERE You can then personalize them and also print them out on scrapbooking paper.  These will fit the smaller bottles.  If you would like to use a larger bottle, you can enlarge the printable till they fit the bottle size you would like to use or you can redraw them to fit your needs. 

Father's Day Free Printables
This charming “striped” set was designed by Melody from Tea Party Designs.
The collection includes: party circles, invitations, tented cards, favor tags, drink straws, and a “Happy Father’s Day” banner.
Party circles


Tented cards

Drink flags

"Happy Father's Day" banner

Click on each link below to download the high resolution files for printing:
Okay, how adorable are these Father’s Day printables from Ana at Love Party Printables?! They really make me smile!
This collection has everything you could ever want at your Father’s Day celebration:  party tags, invitations, flags, tented cards, large tented cards, large labels, water bottle labels, napkin rings, favor tags, and the cutest “Happy Father’s Day” banner you’ve ever seen!

Party tags



Tented cards

Large tented cards

Large labels

Water bottle labels

Napkin rings

Favor tags

"Happy Father's Day" banner

Click HERE to Download the ENTIRE high resolution collection for printing.
Necktie Collection
This fabulous “necktie” set is from Brady from 9 to 5 Mom 

Party circles

"Happy Father's Day" banner

Wine bottle labels

Water bottle labels

Tented cards

Click on each link below to download the high resolution files for printing:

Sportsman Father's day Gift tags and Cupcake Toppers

Just click link HERE, Print, Cut and Enjoy! For Personal use ONLY
from BirdsParty

Father's Day Subway Art
Click HERE to download

from - homespunwithlove
Surprise your Dad or husband with a new addition to your home decor, maybe place this in a frame and put it on his desk.

Idea - print at smaller sizes and make into magnets!

Download Subway Art HERE.

More Father's Day Cupcake Toppers
How about some fun Father's Day cupcake toppers?
Just click link HERE, Print, Cut and Enjoy! For Personal use ONLY

father's day cupcake toppers
These colorful cupcake toppers and round tags are a free download from Paper Glitter!
Click HERE to download them

Free Father's Day Stationary

Download Father’s Day stationary:


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