Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Birthday ClipartLauren's birthday is today!!!!
We are celebrating her birthday on the beach.  She asked for a beach birthday party so we are giving one to her! 

Here they are, the pictures from today! What a GREAT day!
The Pennant Banner we made that actually was tied to two bamboo polls and stuck in the sand but it was too windy on the beach so we had to lay it down.  The Banner is made from construction paper and printed letters from the computer that we cut out and glued.
Oh the yummie cupcakes....

These were so fun to make!  Chocolate Cupcakes with icing dipped in half blue sprinkles and the half in crushed vanilla oreo cookies.  The beach chair is Fruity Stripes Gum and the beach ball is a gumball.  Each cupcake had matching umbrella and beach chair :)

View to the right of the beach

View to the left of the beach

The adorable beach buckets...these were filled with a coordinating beach towel, water guns, bubbles, gummie worms, beach ball, paint to paint on seashells etc.
I totally forgot to line them up and take a picture of all of them but here are is one that shows more:

Lauren had a terrific 13th Birthday today!!!

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