Thursday, May 13, 2010

Archeology with Kids

For Matthews’s end of the year project, he chose to do a study on shark fossils and the erosion of land into bays and seas. For the research section of this project we took him down to a beach where we spent the day panning and searching for fossils.

We found many sharks teeth, ray plates and barbs that Matthew will sort, organize and find the Latin names for. He will then further sort the teeth by where they are located in the shark’s mouth and then create a final project/presentation that will show the organized teeth and some history on the erosion of land into the bays and seas.

This was fun to be involved in the research part of this project. Though it was raining, we were able to find lots of cool fossils and had a good time doing it!

Archeology is such a huge field today; there are many sites that the kids can check out. You can also take your kids to a dig and see archeologist at work if there is one going on in your area.

Below are some cool sites for kids to further learn about Archeology that give some great information for kids:

Archeology for Kids

Fossil information for Kids:

Dig Magazine – The Archeology Magazine for Kids!

Fun Archeology Games:

Archeology Lesson Plans (including Video, PowerPoint Presentations etc):

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